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CertCentral: DigiCert KeyGen, our new key generation service

DigiCert is happy to announce our new key generation service—KeyGen. Use KeyGen to generate and install your client and code signing certificates from your browser. KeyGen can be used on macOS and Windows and is supported by all major browsers.

With KeyGen, you don't need to generate a CSR to order your client and code signing certificates. Place your order without a CSR. Then after we process the order and your certificate is ready, DigiCert sends a "Generate your Certificate" email with instructions on using KeyGen to get your certificate.

How does KeyGen work?

KeyGen generates a keypair and then uses the public key to create a certificate signing request (CSR). KeyGen sends the CSR to DigiCert, and DigiCert sends the certificate back to KeyGen. Then KeyGen downloads a PKCS12 (.p12) file to your desktop that contains the certificate and the private key. The password you create during the certificate generation process protects the PKCS12 file. When you use the password to open the certificate file, the certificate gets installed in your personal certificate store.

To learn more about generating client and code signing certificates from your browser, see the following instructions: