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Verified Mark Certificates (VMC): Three new approved trademark offices

We are happy to announce that DigiCert now recognizes three more intellectual property offices for verifying the logo for your VMC certificate. These new offices are in Korea, Brazil, and India.

New approved trademark offices:

Other approved trademark offices:

What is a Verified Mark Certificate?

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are a new type of certificate that allows companies to place a certified brand logo next to the “sender” field in customer inboxes.

  • Your logo is visible before the message is opened.
  • Your logo acts as confirmation of your domain’s DMARC status and your organization’s authenticated identity. 

Learn more about VMC certificates.


Bugfix: Code Signing (CS) certificate generation email sent only to CS verified contact

We fixed a bug in the Code Signing (CS) certificate issuance process where we were sending the certificate generation email to only the CS verified contact. This bug only happened when the requestor did not include a CSR with the code signing certificate request.

Now, for orders submitted without a CSR, we send the code signing certificate generation email to:

  • Certificate requestor
  • CS verified contact
  • Additional emails included with the order

Note: DigiCert recommends submitting a CSR with your Code Signing certificate request. Currently, Internet Explorer is the only browser that supports keypair generation. See our knowledgebase article: Keygen support dropped with Firefox 69.


Abbiamo risolto un bug nei moduli d’ordine certificato TLS/SSL dove l’aggiunta di una CSR popolava automaticamente solo il campo Nome comune. Mentre risolvevamo questo bug, abbiamo migliorato la funzione di caricamento CSR per popolare automaticamente anche il campo Organizzazione.

Ora usiamo le informazioni della tua CSR per popolare automaticamente questi campo del modulo d’ordine: Nome comune, Altri nomi host (SAN), Unità organizzazione (OU) e Organizzazione.

Puoi ancora cambiare le informazioni in questi campi se necessario (ad esempio, puoi aggiungere o rimuovere i SAN).

Nota del campo Organizzazione

Quando includi un’organizzazione attualmente in uso nel tuo account, la scheda Organizzazione si popola automaticamente con le informazioni dell’organizzazione contenute nel tuo account.