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Verified Mark Certificates available now.

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are a new type of certificate that allow companies to place a certified brand logo next to the “sender” field in customer inboxes—visible before the message is opened—acting as confirmation of your domain’s DMARC status and your organization’s authenticated identity. Learn more about VMC certificates.

To disable or change availability of VMC in your account, visit the Product Settings page.

Note: If you do not see VMCs in your account, it may be because we are not offering the product to all account types yet. It is also possible that the product is available, but one of your CertCentral account’s administrators turned the product off in Product Settings.


CertCentral Services API: Verified Mark Certificate enhancements

To help you manage your Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) orders in your API integrations, we’ve made the following updates to the CertCentral Services API.

New endpoints:

Updated endpoints:

  • Order info
    We updated the Order info endpoint to return a vmc object with the trademark country code, registration number, and logo information for VMC orders.
  • Email certificate
    We updated the Email certificate endpoint to support emailing a copy of your issued VMC.

To learn more about managing VMC certificates from your API integrations, visit Verified Mark Certificate workflow.


CertCentral Services API: Auto-reissue support for Multi-year Plans

We are happy to announce that the CertCentral Services API now supports automatic certificate reissue requests (auto-reissue) for Multi-year Plans. The auto-reissue feature makes it easier to maintain SSL/TLS coverage on your Multi-year Plans.

You can enable auto-reissue for individual orders in your CertCentral account. When auto-reissue is enabled, we automatically create and submit a certificate reissue request 30 days before the most recently issued certificate on the order expires.

Enable auto-reissue for a new order

To give you control over the auto-reissue setting for new Multi-year Plans, we added a new request parameter to the endpoints for ordering DV, OV, and EV TLS/SSL certificates: auto_reissue.

By default, auto-reissue is disabled for all orders. To enable auto-reissue when you request a new Multi-year Plan, set the value of the auto_reissue parameter to 1 in the body of your request.

Example request body:

Example order request body with auto reissue enabled

Note: In new order requests, we ignore the auto_reissue parameter if:

  • The product does not support Multi-year Plans.
  • Multi-year Plans are disabled for the account.

Update auto-reissue setting for existing orders

To give you control over the auto-reissue setting for existing Multi-year Plans, we added a new endpoint: Update auto-reissue settings. Use this endpoint to enable or disable the auto-reissue setting for an order.

Get auto-reissue setting for an existing order

To help you track the auto-reissue setting for existing certificate orders, we added a new response parameter to the Order info endpoint: auto_reissue. The auto_reissue parameter returns the current auto-reissue setting for the order.


ICA certificate chain selection for public DV flex certificates

We are happy to announce that select public DV certificates now support Intermediate CA certificate chain selection:

  • GeoTrust DV SSL
  • Thawte SSL 123 DV
  • RapidSSL Standard DV
  • RapidSSL Wildcard DV
  • Encryption Everywhere DV

You can add a feature to your CertCentral account that enables you to control which DigiCert ICA certificate chain issues the end-entity certificate when you order these public DV products.

This feature allows you to:

  • Set the default ICA certificate chain for each supported public DV certificate.
  • Control which ICA certificate chains certificate requestors can use to issue their DV certificate.

Configure ICA certificate chain selection

To enable ICA selection for your account:

  1. Contact your account manager or our Support team.
  2. Then, in your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Settings > Product Settings.
  3. On the Product Settings page, configure the default and allowed intermediates for each supported and available DV certificate.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Configure the ICA certificate chain feature for your public TLS certificates.


DigiCert Services API: DV certificate support for ICA certificate chain selection

In the DigiCert Services API, we made the following updates to support ICA selection in your DV certificate order requests:

Pass in the issuing ICA certificate's ID as the value for the ca_cert_id parameter in your order request's body.

Example DV certificate request:

Example DV TLS certificate request

For more information about using ICA selection in your API integrations, see DV certificate lifecycle – Optional ICA selection.


Selezione della catena di certificati ICA per certificati OV ed EV flessibili pubblici

Siamo lieti di annunciare che i certificati EV ed OV pubblici con capacità flessibili ora supportano la selezione della catena dei certificati CA intermedi.

Puoi aggiungere un’opzione al tuo account CertCentral che ti consente di controllare quale catena dei certificati ICA DigiCert emette i tuoi certificati OV ed EV "flessibili" pubblici.

Questa opzione ti consente di:

  • Impostare la catena dei certificati ICA predefinita per ciascun certificato OV ed EV flessibile pubblico.
  • Controllare quali catene di certificati ICA possono essere usati dai richiedenti del certificato per emettere il loro certificato flessibile.

Configura la selezione della catena dei certificati ICA

Per disabilitare la selezione ICA per il tuo account, contatta il tuo account manager o il nostro team di assistenza. Dopodiché, nel tuo account CertCentral, nella pagina Impostazioni prodotto (nel menu principale a sinistra, vai in Impostazioni > Impostazioni prodotto), configurare l’impostazione predefinita e i certificati intermedi consentiti per ciascun tipo di certificato OV ed EV flessibile.

Per ulteriori informazioni le istruzioni dettagliate, consulta Opzione di catena di certificati ICA per certificati OV ed EV flessibili pubblici.


Supporto DigiCert Services API per la selezione della catena di certificati ICA

In DigiCert Services API, abbiamo effettuato i seguenti aggiornamenti per supportare la selezione ICA nelle tue integrazioni API:

  • Creato nuovo endpoint Limiti di prodotto
    Usa questo endpoint per ottenere le informazioni sui limiti e sulle impostazioni per i prodotti abilitati per ciascuna divisione nel tuo account. Ciò include valori ID per le catene dei certificati ICA consentiti e predefiniti di ciascun prodotto.
  • Supporto aggiunto per la selezione ICA nelle richieste di ordine certificato TLS OV ed EV flessibile pubblico
    Dopo aver configurato i certificati intermedi consentiti per un prodotto, puoi selezionare la catena dei certificati ICA che dovrebbe emettere il tuo certificato quando usi l’API per inviare una richiesta di ordine.
    Passa nell’ID del certificato ICA emittente come il valore per il parametro ca_cert_id nel corpo della tua richiesta di ordine

Esempio di richiesta certificato flessibile:

Example flex certificate request

Per ulteriori informazioni sull’uso della selezione ICA nelle tue integrazioni API, consulta Durata del certificato OV/EV – (Opzionale) Selezione ICA.