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Validation is the process of verifying that a user or an organization are who they say they are. You can get a validation by remotely verifying your identity or meeting an authorized professional in person. See Verify your identity

To validate an organization, DigiCert might require various identification checks to comply with local, regional, or industry-specific regulations. 

The Validations page shows all validations in your account with details, such as:

  • ID: Unique validation ID.

  • Associated email: User’s email address.

  • Associated username: User’s DC ONE username.

  • Validation expiry date: Date when user’s validation expires.

  • Standard: Signature qualification standard. (Example: Basic, Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), ZertES Qualified, or eIDAS.

  • Method: How the user's identity was confirmed:

    • Manual review

    • Remote validation

    • Remote validation and manual review

  • Bulk upload ID: Unique bulk upload ID.

  • Onboarding type: Whether the user was onboarded using a signup link or bulk onboarded.

  • Status: The status option allows you to view the validation status of each Validation.


    Possible trigger

    Validation created

    Validation request is saved to the database.

    Validation error

    Error occurs while creating credentials.

    Invite sent

    User is sent an email invitation to complete validation.

    Invite failed

    Email invitation fails.

    Pending identity proofing

    IDnow team is verifying documents.


    Validation or IDnow team approves validation.


    Validation or IDnow team rejects validation.


    IDnow team aborts validation request.

    Document verification error

    Error occurs while verifying documents.


    ID document expires after validation is approved.

    Pending manual review

    Validation team is verifying documents.

    Pending signer approval

    Self-enrolled validation waiting to be approved.


    User manually cancels validation.

Validation expiry

Your Validation remains active until the ID document you submitted while verifying your identity expires. Credentials, commonly known as Certificates or digital IDs, are created based on active Validations.

What's next

You may create a validation or delete a validation if you have Client Administrator permissions.Create a validation