Void a sensor

Voiding a sensor permanently stops the sensor from running scans and causes all scheduled scan jobs and automations associated with the sensor to stop. A voided sensor is permanently removed from CertCentral and cannot be reactivated. We recommend you to uninstall and delete the sensor from the server once it is voided.

Before you begin

  • Admin privileges required.

Void sensor

  1. In CertCentral, in the sidebar menu, click Discovery > Manage Discovery.

  2. On the Manage scans page, in the Add sensor dropdown, click Manage sensors.

  3. On the Manage sensors page, find the sensor, and click Void option under the Actions column.

  4. In the Void sensor window, select the reason from the dropdown to void the sensor, and click Void sensor.

Voided sensor will no longer available in CertCentral.

What’s next

Uninstall the sensor from your server. See Uninstall a sensor.