Report library overview

With our Report library feature on CertCentral, you can keep track of customized reports that you create with its Custom Report feature.

To access the Report library, contact Support and request to make it available.

In your CertCentral account’s left-hand menu, go to Reports > Build a report to get started.

You can choose what data you include and how you want to sort it in your reports. You can schedule them to run once, or on a recurring weekly or monthly basis.

Currently, you can create reports from your order and certificate domains data. In the future, we will add support for more report categories. You can receive email notifications each time a report is available and download reports in the format we offer.

Remember: Reports are only stored for 90 days. If you want permanent access to a report, you must download it or run the report again.

Building your report can take more than an hour depending on its size. The report will continue to build if you leave the page or log out of CertCentral. You will receive an email notification once it’s available.

Get started with building the report types we currently offer: