Automation: Known issues

Currently, we are aware of these automation issues.To report errors, please contact our Support team.

Automation issues

Issue Workaround
Scheduled automation run an hour earlier than expected. Adjust the scheduled time to account for daylight savings. For example, instead of scheduling the event for 09:00, schedule it for 10:00.
In Internet Explorer 11, pages never loads. Use another browser.

Sensor automation issues

Issue Workaround
Citrix HTTP Automation - Virtual Server fails to start if service bindings are not defined. Before the automation is initiated, configure server bindings on HTTP site.

ACME automation agent issues

Issue Workaround
Automation request fails if an approval is required. Enable automatic approvals for certificate requests in your CertCentral account.
See Enable automatic certificate request approvals..
ACME protocol supports only the auto-approval certificate request workflow.
Automation requests fail if they include wildcard domains (e.g., *

Note: DNS validation error for ACME profiles message appears.
Automation requests fail if they include International Domain Names (IDNs). None
Unable to renew certificates. None
Unable to reissue certificates. None
Automation requests fails after I modify, add, or remove custom fields on my request form. Recreate the ACME directory URL for the automation profile. See Fix an incomplete automation profile..
If you modify, add, or remove custom fields on a request form after the automation profile is created, you must recreate the ACME directory URL in all affected profiles.
Note: DigiCert recommends adding all needed custom fields to your forms before creating automation profiles, if possible.
Unable to submit automation requests for orders with more than 100 SANs. Remove extra SANs from the request.
Note: ACME automation agent requests support a maximum 100 SANs per order.
ACME automation requests fail if I have multiple private CAs configured for my account. None