Enable CT log monitoring

Enable the CT log monitoring service for a Secure Site Pro certificate order

Start monitoring public CT logs for SSL/TLS certificates issued for the domains on your Secure Site Pro certificate orders.

Before you begin

Before using these instructions to enable the CT log monitoring services, make sure you meet these prerequisites.

  • Issued and active Secure Site Pro certificate (does not work for pending issuance, expired, or revoked certificates)
  • CT Log monitoring enabled for your account (contact your account manager or our support team)

Enable CT log monitoring

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, click the Secure Site Pro certificate's order number link.

  3. On the certificate's Order details page, click Enable CT log monitoring.

What's next

It may take some time for CT Log monitoring to gather all the relevant information from all the public CT Logs for the domains on your order. You may want to check back later to view the results.

Once we've gathered the relevant information, on the Certificate Transparency logs page, we list all the precertificates and certificates found in the public CT Logs for the domains on the order (on the certificate's order details page, in the CT Logs dropdown, click View CT Logs).