Domain prevalidation: Bulk domain revalidation

Don't spend extra time submitting one domain at a time for revalidation. Use our bulk domain revalidation feature to submit 2 to 25 domains at a time for revalidation.

Remember, domain validation is only valid for 397 days. To maintain seamless certificate issuance, DigiCert recommends completing domain control validation (DCV) ahead of time before the domain's validation expires.

If you order a certificate for a domain while the domain's revalidation is pending, we use the domain's current validation to issue the certificate until that validation has expired.

Submit domains for revalidation

Currently, the bulk domain feature only supports the email DCV method. To use a different DCV method, you'll need to submit each domain individually.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Domains.

  2. On the Domains page, use the filters, such as Validation status, to locate the domains you want to revalidate.

  3. Select the domains you want to submit for revalidation.

  4. In the Submit domains for revalidation dropdown, select Submit domains for email-based validation.

  5. On the Submit multiple domains for validation page, in the Select language for email-based verification dropdown, select the DCV email language. Then select Next.

  6. On the Addresses to receive DCV email page, review the email addresses that will receive the DCV verification emails.

  7. When ready, select Submit for validation.

What's next

DigiCert now sends two sets of DCV emails: WHOIS-based and constructed. DCV email recipients must follow the link in the email to complete the DCV check for each domain. Learn more about these emails and the Email DCV method.