CertCentral notifications

Account notifications

CertCentral sends all account notifications to the primary CertCentral administrator—the individual who created the CertCentral account.

You may want to assign additional email address to receive copies of the emails sent out from the account, such as order approval emails and user information updated emails.

Certificate lifecycle emails

By default, certificate order emails, referred to as certificate lifecycle emails, are sent to the user requesting the certificate. You may want to modify the default certificate lifecycle email account settings and send certificate lifecycle emails to the organization and/or technical contact.

Certificate renewal notifications

By default CertCentral sends certificate renewal notifications 90, 60, 30, 7, and 3 days before a certificate expires and 7 days after a certificate expires. You may want to configure when you receive renewal notifications, add a default renewal message to include on your renewal notifications, and assign additional email address to receive copies of renewal notifications.

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