Access Secure Site site seal

Secure Site certificates include access to the two most recognized trust marks on the web: DigiCert and Norton Secured. Site seals are available in your CertCentral account. Use one of these premium site seals to display proof of trust on your site.

Before you begin

  • Order a Secure Site certificate
  • Have the certificate's order number

Your site seals are tied to your issued Secure Site certificate order. Access the seals from your "issued" certificate's Order # details page.

Access your site seals

  1. In your CertCentral account, go to the Orders page.

    In the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, in the Order # column of the Secure Site certificate, click its order number.

  3. On the Order # details page, in the Certificate Actions dropdown, click Site Seal.

  4. On the Site Seal page, use the seal, size, text color and language options to get your site seal.


    • Small – 80 x 47 px
    • Standard – 100 x 59 px
    • Large – 130 x 76 px


    • Small – 110 x 63 px
    • Standard – 133 x 78 px
    • Large – 177 x 98 px
  5. To preview the site seal popup, in the Your site seal section, click the site seal.

What's next

Use the options in the Your code section to get the site seal code for those involved in putting the site seal on your website. When you email the code, all code is sent (HTML and JavaScript).

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