Add or update the CSR on a pending certificate order

Use these instructions to add the CSR to a pending certificate order.

Before we can issue your SSL certificate, you must include a certificate signing request (CSR) in your order. You can also update the CSR on a pending certificate order, if needed.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, locate the pending certificate order you need to change the CSR on and click its Order number link.

  3. On the Order details page, in the Order Status section, under You Need To, click the Change CSR link.

  4. To add your new CSR, in the Upload CSR window, complete one of the options below:

    1. Click to upload a CSR
      Click the link to upload your CSR file to the Add Your CSR box.
    2. Paste CSR
      Use a text editor to open your CSR file. Then, copy the text, including the -----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and -----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- tags and paste it in to the Add Your CSR box.
  5. Click Upload.

Congratulations! You successfully updated the CSR on your pending certificate order.