Cancel pending Client certificate orders

Before you begin

Canceling an order cannot be undone. Canceling a request will remove it from the system.

  • You can only cancel pending Client certificate orders before the recipient generates the certificate. Once the certificate is generated, you'll need to revoke the certificate.
  • If you added the approval step to your Client certificate issuance process, the approver can reject the certificate request. You don't need to cancel the pending order.

Cancel a pending Client certificate order

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, locate the pending Client certificate order.

  3. In the Order # column, click the order number link.

  4. On the Order # details page, in the Certificate Details section, in the Certificate Actions drop-down list, select Cancel Order.

  5. In the Cancel Order window, click Cancel Order.

The canceled order is logged in the Audit Logs (Account > Audit Logs).