Generate your Client certificate

Before you begin

Chrome and Microsoft Edge don’t support Client certificate generation. If you want to use your Client certificate with Chrome and Microsoft Edge, we recommend generating it in Internet Explorer (for use in Chrome and Edge) or Safari (for use in Chrome).

If you plan to use your Client certificate for email signing and encryption, you will need to export your certificate and install it in your email client.

  • Internet Explorer installs Client certificates in the Windows Certificate Store. Both Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer can access it.
  • Safari installs Client certificates in the Mac Certificate Store. Both and Chrome and Safari can access it.
  • Firefox (Windows or Mac) installs Client certificates in its own Certificate Store and only Firefox can access it.

Generate your Client certificate

  1. Click the link in the email.

  2. On the page for generating your certificate, verify that the name, email address, and organization are correct.

  3. Click Generate Certificate.

What's next

Once a Client certificate is issued, we'll email you a link where you can generate your certificate.