Firefox: Export your Personal ID certificate

  1. In Firefox, go to Options.

  2. On the Options tab, in the sidebar menu, click Privacy & Security, scroll down to the Security section, and then, click View Certificates.

  3. In the Certificate Manage window, on the Your Certificates tab, select your Personal ID Certificate and click Backup.

  4. In the File Name to Backup window, go to where you want to save the Personal ID Certificate (w/private key) p12 file, provide a file name (e.g., myPersonalCertificate), and then click Save.

Make sure to save the p12 file in a location that you will remember. A p12 file uses the same format as a .pfx file. If you want, you can change the extension to .pfx and resave the file as a .pfx file if needed.

  1. In the Choose a Certificate Backup Password window, create a Certificate backup password and then, click OK.

Congratulations! You exported your Personal ID Certificate w/private key as a p12 file.