Mozilla Firefox: Import your Personal ID certificate

  1. In Firefox, go to Options.

  2. On the Options tab, in the sidebar menu, click Privacy & Security, scroll down to the Security section, and then, click View Certificates.

  3. In the Certificate Manage window, on the Your Certificates tab, click Import.

  4. In the Certificate File to Import window, in the file type drop-down list, select PKCS12 Files (*.pfx;*.p12).

  5. Then, navigate to your Personal ID Certificate .pfx or .p12 file, and then click Open.

  6. In the Password Required window, in the Password box, type the password that you created when you exported your Personal ID Certificate w/private key and then, click OK.

  7. Congratulations! You imported your Personal ID Certificate w/private key in to the Firefox Certificate Store. You can use Firefox to log into your accounts.