Renew a code signing certificate

Code signing certificate renewal made easy

Need to renew your DigiCert Code Signing certificate? Follow the steps below to renew your certificate.

STEP 1: Generate a new CSR (optional)

If a CSR is required, best practice is to generate a new CSR when renewing your code signing certificate.

Code signing

  • Required: The Sun Java Platform is the only platform you are required to submit a CSR for.
  • Optional: For all other platforms, a CSR is not required. However, you can submit a CSR for any platform.

EV code signing

If you are installing the certificate on an HSM, a CSR is required.

STEP 2: Sign into your account

Sign in to your CertCentral account.

STEP 3: Fill out the renewal form

Fill out the certificate renewal order form. Note that after you submit the renewal order, DigiCert will perform a quick cross-check verification. If your organization’s information was changed in the CSR, you may need to provide new documentation to verify the changes.


  1. In the left main menu, click Certificates > Expiring Certificates.
  2. On the Expiring Certificates page, next to the certificate that needs to be renewed, click Renew Now.

A certificate doesn't appear on the Expiring Certificates page until 90 days before it expires.

STEP 4: DigiCert issues the code signing certificate

Once approved, we send an email to the certificate contact with certificate installation instructions.

If you submitted a CSR, we send the renewed certificate to the certificate contact in an email. You can also download the renewed certificate in your CertCentral account.

STEP 5: Install your renewed certificate

Use the instructions in the email to install and configure the new certificate. If you submitted a CSR, on your server or HSM, install the new certificate.

For more information about installing code signing and EV code signing certificates, see our Code Signing Support page.