DV Certificate enrollment

By default, DV certificate products aren't included in your CertCentral account. To get DV certificates added to the SSL/TLS certificate options in your CertCentral account, contact your account representative.

The DV certificate lifecycle includes the following steps:

  1. Order DV certificates
    RapidSSL and GeoTrust DV certificates are available in CertCentral: RapidSSL Standard DV, RapidSSL Wildcard DV, GeoTrust Standard DV, GeoTrust Wildcard DV, and GeoTrust Cloud DV.
  2. Cancel DV certificate orders
    When needed, you can cancel a pending DV certificate order before we issue the certificate.
  3. Check DV certificate order status
    Check the status of your DV certificate orders.
  4. Complete domain control validation (DCV)
    Before DigiCert can issue your DV certificate, you must prove control over the domains on the order.
    Supported DCV methods for DV certificate orders are: Email, DNS TXT, and File.
  5. Access issued DV certificates
    To access an issued DV certificate, download it from your CertCentral account. You can also email the certificate from inside your account.
  6. Reissue DV certificates
    Reissue a DV certificate to replace the existing certificate with a new one with different information (e.g., SANs, CSR, etc.).
  7. Cancel reissues on DV certificates
    When needed, you can cancel a pending reissue request on a DV certificate, before we issue it.
  8. Renew DV certificates
    Renew an expiring or expired DV certificate order.
    DV certificates don't support domain prevalidation. When renewing a DV certificate, you must demonstrate control over the domains on the renewal order.
  9. Revoke DV certificates
    When necessary, you can revoke an issued DV certificate. Certificate revocation is a two-step process:
    1. Submit a certificate revocation request.
    2. The administrator approves the revocation request and DigiCert revokes the certificate.