Use the Email DCV method

Use the Email DCV method to validate the domains on your DV certificate order

With the Email domain validation method, we send two sets of DCV emails: WHOIS-based and Constructed. See Domain Control Validation (DCV) Methods).

To demonstrate control over the domain, an email recipient follows the instructions in a confirmation email sent for the domain. The confirmation process consists of visiting the link provided in the email and following the instructions on the page.

Before you begin

When ordering your DV certificate, if you chose Email as your DCV method, DigiCert already sent the verification emails.

Before resending the DCV emails, make sure to check your inbox and junk/spam folder for emails with the subject [Action Required] Approve Certificate Request for [yourdomain] {Order #}.

Check the status of a pending DV certificate order

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  1. On the Orders page, in the Order # column, click the order number link for the pending DV certificate order.

  1. On the Order # details page, in the Order Status section, check the order's validation status (is the order waiting on domain validation to be complete?).

Resend the DCV email

  1. Under You Need To, click the Prove control over domain link.

  1. In the Prove control of your domain window, in the DCV verification method dropdown, select Email.

  1. In the Send authorization email to dropdown, select the email addresses where you want the verification email sent.

    For orders with multiple domains:

    1. In the Domain validation must be completed… box, click the Change email recipients for each domain link.
    2. In the Prove control of your domain window, under Send authorization email to, select the email address you want the DCV email to be sent to for each domain.
    3. Click Done.
  1. In the Email language dropdown, select the language for the email.

  1. In the Email details section, note the subject of the email being sent and the order #.

The order # in the subject of the email is actually the certificate ID. On the Order # details page, in the Order Details section, the Certificate ID is next to DCV method and Requested On.

  1. Click Resend Email.

What's next

To locate emails, search your inbox for:

  • Emails with the subject line [Action Required] Approve Certificate Request for [yourdomain] {Order #}
  • Emails with the domain names you are trying to validate in the order.

If you are unable to find the emails, come back and resend the DCV emails for your DV certificate order.

You may need to check your junk/spam folder.