Approve (or Reject) a Certificate Revocation Request

Once a certificate is revoked, the process can't be reversed. A revoked DV certificate used on a public site shows trust warnings preventing users from accessing the site.

Use these instructions to approve (or reject) and request to revoke a certificate.

After a request to revoke a DV certificate is submitted, an administrator must approve the revocation request. Once the request is approved, DigiCert can revoke the issued certificate.

  1. In your CertCentral account, go to the Requests page.

    In the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Requests.

  2. On the Requests page, in the Status dropdown, select Pending. In the Type dropdown, select Revoke. Then click Go to see only the certificate request that needs administrator approval.

  3. In the Order # column, click the Order number link for the DV certificate you want to revoke.

  4. In the Order details pane (right side), click Approve.

In the Approve Request window, don't click Approve unless you are sure you want to revoke the certificate. The revocation can't be reversed. Any site using this certificate will show trust warnings when users try to access the site.

  1. In the Approve Request window, in the Approval Comment box, add a comment about the certificate revocation. Click Approve.

  1. DigiCert will now revoke the DV certificate.