Will DigiCert log all certificates to public CT Logs?

By default, all publicly-trusted SSL certificates are submitted to public Certificate Transparency logs ("CT logged").

This has been required for EV SSL certificates since June 2015, and February 1st 2018 for all other public SSL/TLS certificates. This includes the following certificate types:

  • Standard SSL
  • Multi-Domain SSL
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Extended Validation SSL
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL
  • Grid Host SSL
  • Grid Host Multi-Domain SSL

CT logging doesn’t apply to your private SSL/TLS certificates. DigiCert will not log the following types of certificates:

  • Private SSL
  • Private Multi-Domain SSL
  • Private SSL Wildcard
  • Client
  • Code Signing
  • EV Code Signing
  • Document Signing