Order your SSL certificates

The SSL certificate lifecycle begins when administrators or users log into their account and order certificates.

The process for requesting any of the available SSL Certificates is the same:

  • Create your Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  • Fill out the order form. The form for ordering each type of SSL Certificate is similar.
  • Complete domain control validation for the domains on the order (in other words, demonstrate your control over the domains).

From your CertCentral account, you can order these types of SSL certificates:

  • Business SSL Certificates: Secure Site SSL, Secure Site EV SSL, Secure Site Multi-Domain SSL, Secure Site EV Multi-Domain SSL, and Secure Site Wildcard SSL
  • Basic SSL Certificates: Standard SSL, EV SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, EV Multi-Domain, and Wildcard SSL

You can also order these types of certificates from your account:

  • Code Signing Certificates: OV and EV Code Signing
  • Document Signing Certificates: Organization (2000) and Document Signing - Organization (5000)