Domain Validation (Pending Order): Use the Verification Email DCV Method

Use these instructions to check the status of your TLS/SSL certificate order and use the Verification Email DCV method to demonstrate control over a domain on the order.

Submitting domains for validation during the order process means certificates will not be issued until domain validation is completed. For immediate certificate issuance, submit domains for pre-validation when possible.

With the Email validation method, DigiCert sends two sets of DCV emails: WHOIS-based and Constructed. To demonstrate control over the domain, an email recipient follows the instructions in a confirmation email sent for the domain. The confirmation process consists of visiting the link provided in the email and following the instructions on the page.

Step 1: Check the Status of Your Pending Order

After you’ve ordered an TLS/SSL certificate, you can visit the certificate’s Order# details page to see its validation status. You can also see if the order is waiting on domain or organization validation to be completed before it can be issued.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Certificate > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, use the filters and advanced search features to locate the pending certificate order you want to view.

  3. In the Order# column of the certificate order, click the order number link.

  4. On the Order# details page, in the Order status section, you can check the order's validation status (for example, is the order waiting on domain or organization validation to be completed).

Note: After validation is completed (domains and organization), the Order status section no longer appears on the Order# details page.

Step 2: Send the DCV Emails

  1. On the Order# details page, in the Order status section, under You Need To, locate the domain pending validation and click the domain link.

Note: When you have multiple domains (SANs) on your order, each one will be listed. Those with a checkmark next to them are validated. Those with a clock icon next to them are pending validation.

  1. In the Prove Control Over Domain window, in the DCV Method drop-down list, select Verification Email.

  2. We will now search for your domain's WHOIS record and any MX records and send the DCV email to the discovered/verified addresses.

  3. To locate emails, search your inbox for emails from and for the domain names you are trying to validate. Note that you may also need to check your junk/spam folder.

  4. You can come back and resend the DCV emails if needed.