Request to revoke a single certificate on an order

By default, when you revoke the primary certificate on a certificate order, you also revoke the order and all associated certificates, including reissues and duplicates.

What if I only need to revoke one certificate on the order?

To revoke a single certificate on a certificate order—instead of all the certificates—all you need is the serial number of the certificate you want to revoke.

What if I don't want to revoke the order?

To revoke all the certificates on a certificate order—but leave the order active—all you need is the serial number for each certificate on the order. Revoking the certificates instead of the order allows you to continue reissuing certificates under the order.

Before you begin

  • Get the serial number of the certificate you want to revoke.
  • Make sure the certificate is no longer protecting your websites. Remember, revoked certificate warnings prevent visitors from accessing the site and affect customer trust.

Before DigiCert can revoke the certificate, a CertCentral account administrator must approve the revocation request.

Submit a request to revoke a single certificate

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.

  2. On the Orders page, in the Search field, enter the certificate's serial number and select Go.

  3. In the Order # column, select the certificate.

  4. In the Quick view panel on the right, in the Actions dropdown, select Revoke Certificate.

  5. On the Request to Revoke Certificate page, select the reason for revoking the certificate.

  6. Optional: To skip additional admin approval, check the Revoke this certificate immediately box.

  7. Optional for admin approval: Provide additional info for the request approver, such as why you are requesting to revoke the certificate or more info about the certificate.

  8. Select Request revocation.

What's next

DigiCert will revoke the certificate only after a CertCentral account administrator approves your request. See Approve (or reject) a certificate revocation request.