Edit a manager account and assign them the SAML permission

Before you begin

  • Have SAML enabled for your account
  • Be an admin in your account

See SAML certificate requests prerequisites.

Assign a manager the SAML permission

  1. Go to the user details page

    1. In the sidebar menu, click Account > Users.
    2. On the Users page, locate the user and click the user's Name link.
  1. Assign the SAML permission

    1. On the user's details page, in the User Access section, under selected role, check Allow access to the SAML settings.
    2. If you configured SAML SSO for your account and want to convert the manager to an SSO only user, check Only allow this user to log in through SAML SSO.

Don't check Only allow this user to log in through SAML SSO unless you've configured SAML SSO for your account. If you check this box and SAML SSO is not configured, the user wont' be able to sign in to their CertCentral account.

  1. Save changes

    When you are finished, click Update User.

What's next

The next time the manager signs in to their account, they'll have access to the SAML features in your account.

If you opted to make the manager an SAML SSO-only user, they'll be sent an email with the custom SSO URL for signing in to their account.

Are you using an IdP initiated login URL to sign in to your CertCentral account? You'll need to provide the new manager with this IdP initiated URL or application.