Managed PKI for SSL Support Plans

Support plan comparison

Basic Gold Platinum
Subscription period 1 year from service activation 1 year 1 year
Service availability 99%, 24x7x365
(excluding scheduled maintenance windows)
99%, 24x7x365
(excluding scheduled maintenance windows)
99.5%, 24x7x365
(excluding scheduled maintenance windows)
Support availability 5AM-6PM PST, Monday-Friday 24x7x365 24x7x365
Expected hold time Calls answered in the order received 2 minutes or less 2 minutes or less
Number of technical contacts 1 2 5
Designated customer relationship manager No No Yes
Response time (see "Symantec response times" below) 8-48 hours 1-24 hours 0.5 to 8 hours
Domain units 1 domain included with service activation 1 domain included with service activation and 10 additional domain units included with support plan 1 domain included with service activation and 10000 additional domain units included with support plan
Admin ID units 2 5 10000
Knowledge base Knowledge base Knowledge base Knowledge base
Support reviews No No Upon request
New domain authentication Regular 24 business hours (see note) 8 business hours (see note)
New admin authentication Regular Expedited Expedited

All new accounts are entitled to Basic support for 60 days from the account activation date. Purchase Gold or Platinum support during account enrollment or upgrade using the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center or by contacting your enterprise account manager. Gold and Platinum support provides the ultimate in support and service, with the peace of mind of 24x7x365 support. Your account manager will help you determine the level of support you need.

Contact customer support

Get support and product information online, by telephone, or by email.

Managed PKI for SSL knowledgebase

The Managed PKI for SSL knowledgebase is an efficient way to find information and troubleshoot Control Center, subscriber enrollment, or other issues. The support website includes:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • How-to instructions
  • Product white papers
  • Searchable knowledgebase solutions

1-on-1 customer support

If you do not find the information you need on the Managed PKI for SSL knowledgebase, call, email, or chat with customer support.

For a quick response, make sure that your name is on your organization's list of admins who are authorized to request support. To add or remove names from the list, an authorized admin or technical contact must contact us.

Gold and Platinum support customers: For telephone support during non-business hours, remember to have your support PIN on hand.

To help the support representative solve your problem, gather the following information before contacting us:

  • Your name
  • Organization name
  • Telephone number
  • Product you are using
  • Description of the problem
  • Server and operating system versions
  • Browser and version
  • Exact error messages or codes
  • Steps taken before the problem
  • Specific URL or pages you were trying to access when the error occurred
  • Other relevant details

Support response times

Our committed response times are based on severity level. Response time is the elapsed time between when a problem is reported and our initiation of a response to the problem.

Basic Gold Platinum
Severity 1: Your service is down or unavailable and no workaround exists 8 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
Severity 2: Your service is functional, but usability is seriously degraded 24 hours 6 hours 2 hours
Severity 3: Your service is affected by problems or events that have minimal impact on availability or usability 48 hours 24 hours 8 hours

Response to severity 1 issues

For a severity 1 support issue to be addressed efficiently and promptly:

  • Report the issue by telephone. Use email for severity 2 or 3 issues.
  • Be available and have access to the machines or systems experiencing the issue.

Support limitations

We do not support the following:

  • Development and application integration associated with third party products
  • Customized code issues
  • Configuration support for products that are not produced by DigiCert or Symantec
  • Questions related to third-party applications must be directed to the application vendor
  • Training for third party applications or products

Support for subscribers (certificate requesters)

If the admin cannot resolve a subscriber's issue (for example, questions about certificate approval, revocation, replacement, and renewal), he or she can contact technical support on the subscriber's behalf. Technical support only accepts calls from admins or technical contacts.

We cannot approve, replace, or revoke certificates on your behalf. These functions are restricted to authorized admins within your organization.