May 31, 2018

New features and updates in Managed PKI for SSL:

  • Identify Symantec certificates at risk of browser distrust
  • Quickly replace certs at risk of browser distrust
  • VICE2 API updates

Identify Symantec certificates at risk of browser distrust

Managed PKI for SSL reports now include the issuing Intermediate CA for each certificate, so you can identify your at-risk legacy Symantec-issued certificates.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox each have plans to remove trust of all legacy Symantec SSL/TLS certificates issued under the Symantec infrastructure. Some certificates are already distrusted as of March 2018, and remaining Symantec-issued certificates will be distrusted around September 13, 2018.

To get a complete list of legacy Symantec certificates issued from your Managed PKI for SSL account, add the Issuer CA column to your reports and run a report.

In the Control Center > Configuration > Reports, configure detail report content to add the Issuer CA field:

Issuer CA

Then in Certificate Management > Real-time Reports, run a report for valid certificates. Sort by Issuer CA to get an inventory of Symantec-issued certificates.

Quickly replace certificates at risk of browser distrust

To speed up replacement of Symantec-issued certificates at risk of browser distrust, admins can quickly replace these certificates without a new CSR. The replacement request uses the previous CSR and certificate settings to generate the replacement certificate.

In the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center, go to certificate search results. At-risk certificates are highlighted in their statuses. Click Quick Replace to enter a new challenge phrase and submit the replacement request.

Quick replace

VICE 2 API updates

The following functions are now available for API integration:

  • Generate and pick up a new admin ID with a CSR - Pick up a new admin ID using a CSR from an HSM or other client device, instead of through a browser. For security and compliance policy, this makes sure the private key is stored in the device instead of the browser. API integration for Generating and picking up admin ID with a CSR

  • Filter reports by common name or email address - Specify a specific domain name and/or subscriber email address when requesting a detailed report. The report returns only objects for the specified domain and/or email address. API integration for Getting a detailed report

Visit the VICE 2 API Developer’s Guide on the Website Security Developer Portal for all Managed PKI for SSL VICE 2 APIs.