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Sign a document in DocuSign

To sign a document in DocuSign with DigiCert​​®​​ as a qualified trust service provider (QTSP):

  1. Open DocuSign.

  2. Enter your username and password to log in.


    Your account needs to be configured by a DocuSign administrator to add one or more signing providers from the list below:

    DigiCert EU

    For providing EU/eIDAS qualified signatures.

    DigiCert CH

    For providing Swiss/ZertES qualified signatures.

    If you need to comply with Swiss ZertES regulations, DocuSign Account Executive will ensure that the e-sealing certificate provided by DocuSign is not included in your account.

  3. Select Start or drag and drop your document into the dotted box.

  4. Navigate to Add recipients section, then enter your name and email address.

  5. Select CUSTOMIZE > Select signature type.

  6. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred DigiCert​​®​​ Document Trust Manager QTSP, then select NEXT.

  7. In the new window, drag Signature from the left panel into your document, then select SEND.

  8. In the dialog box, select SIGN NOW.

  9. Review your document, select signature placeholder, then select CONTINUE.

  10. In the dialog box, select NEXT and follow the prompts to sign in to DigiCert​​®​​ Document Trust Manager account.

  11. Authorize your signature via Go>Sign Mobile app.


    Signers in the European Union and Switzerland are required to download and configure Go>Sign Mobile application to authorize signing of documents. In United States of America, DigiCert​​®​​ Document Trust Manager is compatible with Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Okta.