Configure your sensor for agentless automation

To configure automation on your sensor for an agentless appliance:

  • Use the ./addagentless CLI command on the sensor and provide login credentials and other configuration settings to the sensor.
  • Use the ./addagentless CLI command on the sensor and use a file to load login credentials and other configuration settings as a batch. See Configure sensor (agentless) automation settings using a file.

Before you begin

  • Root or admin privileges required

Configure a sensor for agentless automation

  1. Log in to the sensor host.

  2. Go to the sensor CLI directory.

    cd install_dir/cli

    Where install_dir is the installation directory for the sensor.

  3. Run the addagentless command.

    • On Linux:

    ./ -type (BIGIP | NETSCALER | A10 | AWS)

    • On Windows:

    addagentless.bat -type (BIGIP | NETSCALER | A10 | AWS)

    Where -type specifies the type of appliance you want to configure.

    When you enter the command, a series of prompts appears for each setting you need to enter. At each prompt, enter the specific settings for your appliance and press Return.

For example:

The information you enter for a load balancer varies depending on the load balancer type you configure (BIGIP, NETSCALER, A10, or AWS).

addagentless.bat -type A10

C:\Program Files\DigiCert\DigiCert sensor\cli>addagentless.bat  -type A10

Sensor CLI. Copyright 2020, DigiCert Inc.
Add or change login credentials and specify data IP addresses for certificate automation.
Enter management IP address:
Enter Management Port (443):443
If available, do you want to map this sensor with the previously voided loadbalancer (Y/N)?:N
Important: Enter an account that has admin (superuser) permission to manage all partitions on the A10 load balancer.
Enter admin username:admin
Enter admin password:
Confirm admin password:
Successfully added or changed the agentless.
IMPORTANT: After you run this command, return to Manage Automation Agents. Verify that the certificate host appears and is configured.

What's next?

Verify the agentless automation configuration. See Verify sensor (agentless) automation configuration.

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