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CertCentral Report Library API enhancements

DigiCert is happy to announce the following enhancements to the CertCentral Report Library API:

Suspend report runs by deleting scheduled reports

We added a new endpoint for deleting scheduled reports. Deleting a scheduled report suspends future report runs. Completed report runs with the same report ID remain available for download after you delete the scheduled report.

Note: Before, you could only edit a report’s schedule, or delete a scheduled report and all completed report runs.

Generate reports with subaccount data only

For the Create report and Edit report endpoints, we added a new option to the list of allowed division_filter_type values: EXCLUDE_ALL_DIVISIONS. Use this value to exclude all parent account data from the report. Reports using this option only include data from the chosen subaccounts (sub_account_filter_type).

Note: Before, you could not generate subaccount reports without including data from one or more divisions in the parent account.

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