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In the DigiCert Services API, we added two new Order info endpoints. Now, you can use the order ID, the certificate's serial number, or the certificate's thumbprint to view the details for a certificate order.

  • GET{{thumbprint}}
  • GET{{serial_number}}

Currently, these new endpoints only retrieve data for the primary certificate. For more information on the Services API, see our Developers portal.


PQC dockerized toolkit guide available now

Secure Site Pro Secure Site Pro certificates come with access to the DigiCert post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) toolkit. To create your own PQC test environment, use one of these options:

Our toolkits contain what you need to create a hybrid SSL/TLS certificate. The hybrid certificate in the toolkits uses a PQC algorithm paired with an ECC algorithm allowing you to test the feasibility of hosting a post-quantum, backwards compatible hybrid certificate on your website.

Note: To access your PQC toolkit, go to your Secure Site Pro Certificate's Order # details page. (In the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders. On the Orders page, click the order number link for your Secure Site Pro certificate. On the certificate's order details page, click PQC toolkit.)

To learn more about post-quantum cryptography, see Post-Quantum Cryptography. To learn more about what's included with each Secure Site Pro certificate, see Pro TLS/SSL Certificates.


DigiCert is happy to announce we made it easier for DigiCert Accounts using the Retail API to upgrade to our new Certificate Management Platform, DigiCert CertCentralFor free!

To make the upgrade as seamless as possible, we shimmed these Retail API endpoints:

Now, you can upgrade your DigiCert Account without any interruptions to your API integrations. Once you're upgraded, make plans to build new integrations with CertCentral.

  • For more information on the CertCentral Services API, see our Developers portal.

For information about the DigiCert Retail API, see Documentation for the DigiCert Retail API.


Certificados Secure Site Pro agora vêm com acesso ao kit de ferramentas criptográficas pós-quânticas (PQC) da DigiCert. Nosso kit de ferramentas possui o que você precisa para criar um certificado SSL/TLS híbrido. O certificado híbrido no kit de ferramentas usa um algoritmo PQC emparelhado com um algoritmo ECC, permitindo testar a viabilidade de hospedar um certificado híbrido e pós-quântico com compatibilidade regressiva no seu site.

Nota: O benefício PQC para certificados Secure Site Pro é retroativo. Para acessar o seu kit de ferramentas PQC, visite a página de detalhes do nº do pedido do certificado Secure Site Pro. (No menu da barra lateral, clique em Certificados > Pedidos. Na página Pedidos, clique no link do número do pedido para o seu certificado Secure Site Pro. Na página de detalhes do pedido do certificado, clique em kit de ferramentas PQC.)

Para saber mais sobre criptografia pós-quântica e nosso kit de ferramentas PQC:

Para saber mais sobre o que está incluído com cada certificado Secure Site ProTo, consulte Certificados Pro TLS/SSL.