Добавление настраиваемого поля в ваши формы запросов

Before you begin

A new custom field affects all future orders and current pending requests. If the field is required, the field must be finished before the pending request can be approved.

Add a custom field to your request forms

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Settings > Custom Order Fields.

  2. On the Custom Order Form Fields page, click the Add Custom Order Form Field link.

  3. In the Add Custom Order Form Field window, configure the custom field:

Label In the box, type a name/label for the field (e.g., Direct Report’s Email Address).
Input Type In the drop-down list, select an input type for the field (i.e., email address).
Input Types:
  • Anything: Single line text box
  • Text: Multiline text box
  • Integer: Number box (limited to non-decimal whole numbers)
  • Email Address: Single email address box
  • Email Address List: Multiple email address box
This field should be required for all new requests If you want the field to be completed before the request can be submitted (or approved for pending requests), check this box.
Note: If you don’t check this box, the field appears on the order form with the word optional in the box. The requestor does not need to complete the box for the request to be submitted (or approved for pending requests).
  1. When you are finished, click Add Custom Form Field.