Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)

VMCs are a new type of certificate that allow companies to place a trademarked brand logo next to the “sender” field in customer inboxes—even before the message is opened—acting as confirmation of your domain’s DMARC status and your organization’s authenticated identity.

Before you begin

To qualify for a VMC certificate;

  1. Your domain(s) must be fully DMARC compliant. DMARC combats email spoofing and phishing. See our blog post and guide to set-up DMARC.
  2. Your organization's logo must be a legally registered trademark.
  3. The logo file that will be used in your VMC certificate must be a .SVG file that adheres to the SVG-P/S profile. Currently, this profile is not supported by most image editing tools and will require using a specific conversion tool, or manually editing an .SVG file. See our guide for properly formatting your logo.

Certificate validation

All certificates issued by Digicert require validation before we are allowed to issue it.

The validation process for VMCs follows the same Extended Validation certificate requirements used for SSL certificates, with a few added steps for additional security. Those steps include:

  • Confirming your trademark is legally registered.
  • Providing notarized copies of personal identity documents confirming the identify of the person at your organization applying for the VMC.
  • An in-person or video call meeting with a DigiCert validation member to confirm your identify matches those documents.

If this is your first time ordering a certificate know that, once your order is placed, DigiCert automatically begins the validation process and will contact you if any additional information is required to issue your certificate.