9 августа 2018 г.

Address change in certificate lifecycle emails

We updated the sender (or "From") address to noreply@digicert.com for all certificate lifecycle emails - the event notifications for confirmation, approval, rejection, renewal, and revocation. Notify your subscribers of this change as well.

This change is to make sure lifecycle emails are not blocked by email servers and spam filters. For Managed PKI for SSL (MSSL), today we use your account's technical contact email address as the default sender/from address for certificate lifecycle emails. But email servers and spam filters may block emails whose sender shows a different domain than the email's originating server.

For example, say your technical contact and sender address is pat.smith@mycompany.com. But because the email is delivered from digicert.com, your mail filters may prevent the message from being delivered.

There is no change in certificate lifecycle emails issued through the Complete Website Security console.