How do I prepare my CWS sensors for CertCentral Discovery?

Check and update CWS sensor software

Your existing sensors are already supported in CertCentral Discovery, so you don’t need to reinstall or reconfigure them. However, CWS sensors must be version 3.8.01 or later to migrate to CertCentral Discovery.

When you’re ready to start using CertCentral Discovery, check your existing CWS sensors to make sure they are ready.

Check your CWS sensor software

  1. Sign into your Complete Website Security account.

  2. On the Website Trust Manager dashboard, in the Website Trust Manager toolkit, click Discovery.

  3. In the Sensors section, click Manage.

  4. Review details for each sensor you want to continue using in CertCentral:

    1. Make sure the sensor is active and does not have any errors.
    2. In the Edit profile section, check that the software version is 3.8.0 or later.
    3. If the version is earlier than 3.8.0, check the Set sensor updates section. If the option is set to Prompt me before updating, check your email—or contact your sensor administrator—for a sensor software update request on or after August 10, 2019.