How do my CWS discovery settings get transferred to CertCentral?

When you import your CWS discovery information to CertCentral, here’s how we update your installed sensors and migrate your CWS sensor and scan settings to CertCentral Discovery.

Repoint sensors

Installed, active sensors without configuration errors are automatically repointed to communicate with the CertCentral cloud service instead of CWS.

Migrate sensor configurations to CertCentral Discovery

Sensor name and software update preferences are transferred to CertCentral Discovery. However, in CertCentral Discovery, IP addresses are now managed solely in scans. The new sensor configuration does not include the IP addresses from your CWS sensors.

Migrate scan configurations to CertCentral Discovery

Scan name, configured IP addresses, scan frequency, and all other settings are transferred to CertCentral Discovery.

If a CWS scan uses more than 1 sensor, a separate CertCentral Discovery scan is created for each sensor. Each new scan is configured with the IP addresses for the specific sensor.

Leave CWS discovery scan results behind

Previous CWS discovery scan results are not transferred to CertCentral Discovery. Run one-time scans or wait for scheduled scans to bring new certificate discovery data into CertCentral Discovery.