What changes should I look for in CertCentral Discovery?

Differences between CWS and CertCentral Discovery sensors, scans, and discovery results

When you start exploring CertCentral Discovery, look for these updates and improvements in the Discovery section of your CertCentral console.

Less sensor management

When we migrate your CWS sensors or when you install a new sensor on your network, there's no additional sensor configuration required—no separate license file installation and no IP address management in the new sensor. Additionally, every time a new server is added to your network, you only need to update your scans—no sensor configuration is needed to access new IP addresses.

Simple scan setup

The network and servers you want to scan are defined solely in the scan, not the sensor. So you manage your scans—IP addresses and frequency—entirely in one place.

More host server info

CertCentral Discovery results expose more details about the server hosting the discovered certificate, such as the server’s cipher suite and security headers.

Quick export of discovery results

Get an instant CSV file of discovered certificates or endpoints without having to run a report.

Removed notifications, with improved alert system coming

CertCentral Discovery does not send any notifications for sensor and scan activity. Sign in to CertCentral to check on discovery results.

In the future, we will introduce on-demand alerts and notifications per sensor, scan, or certificate. You’ll be able to set up alerts without filling your inbox with unnecessary events.

Cloud-based discovery coming soon

You’ll be able to run scans on public servers without the extra overhead of installing a sensor in your environment.