CertCentral upgrade FAQ for Enterprises, Partners, and Resellers

Common questions for Managed PKI for SSL, Complete Website Security, Partner, and Reseller customers

The Upgrade link is on your account’s home page in a banner message at the top of the page.

The banner and link appear only for your account’s primary technical contact or admin.

Do I have to upgrade to CertCentral?

Yes, you'll soon get an invitation to move to CertCentral, if you haven't received one already. When you get your invitation, get started on your upgrade as soon as possible. Upgrading now helps you prepare and make sure your certificates and account info are ready in your new CertCentral account before your old account is closed.

For details on the sunset schedule for your Symantec-based services and your account, talk to your account manager or contact us.

How long does it take to upgrade?

Upgrading and activating your new CertCentral account takes several minutes. Configuring your account and adding users may take longer.

Can I still use my old account?

Your legacy account will remain open until September 2020. Until then, you can continue managing your certificates there without disruption.

Will my certificates change when I upgrade?

Certificates issued through CertCentral carry the same properties and certificate chains as certificates issued through Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL since the end of 2017. However, product names may change.

Where do I … ?

Where to get and manage your certificates, get reports and your account info, and manage users in CertCentral.

If you don't see the feature in your account, check with your primary admin or account manager to make sure you have proper user permissions and feature access.

I want to... Go to...
Get a certificate Request a Certificate button on the dashboard (your account home page).
Manage my certificates Certificates in the left-hand menu.
Approve and reject certificate requests Certificates > Requests.
Check on expiring certificates Certificates > Expiring Certificates.
Manage my organizations Certificates > Organizations.
Manage my domains Certificates > Domains.
Get my account number and manager Your company/organization name in the upper right corner.
Customize enrollment and fields Settings > Custom Order Fields to add custom fields to all certificate request forms.
Get reports Download CSV button for basic reporting, available on select screens.

Customized reporting is not yet available in CertCentral, but you can use our APIs for customized reporting.
Manage CertCentral admins and users Account > Users to add and manage admins and users for your account.
Get malware scanning results Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificate details. Malware and blacklist checking services are available for the domains in these products.
Get vulnerability reports Discovery to search for and report on all certificates in your networks.
Get help and training For more on upgrading and the transition from your legacy account to CertCentral, go to Upgrade to CertCentral.
For general and step-by-step help on using CertCentral, go to our main Documentation portal.