Get started

  1. Sign up for CertCentral. You will receive a unique signup link. Using this link sets your language, currency, and other default account settings. If these are not set correctly, please set them to the correct values before proceeding, or contact Support.
  2. Add users. The user creating the account will be set as the Master Administrator. There is no automatic transfer of users, so the Master Administrator must create or invite other administrators and users. Learn more here, and see user roles below:
CertCentral role Description
Administrator Full administrative access, including access to create divisions and users, and to manage user access
User or Standard User Access to place and manage orders, with changes being approved by a manager or administrator
Finance Manager Access to manage finances, and to place and manage orders
Manager Access to manage finances, create and approve requests, manage orders and domains, and to view and edit users

3. (Optional) Set up divisions. Divisions are groups that allow you to organize users in whatever way makes sense for your organization. Some common ways to set up divisions are by geographic region, use case, or department.

4. Set notification preference in CertCentral > Settings> Notifications. Learn about CertCentral notifications.

5. Your TrustLink account will remain available to revoke certificates, download previously issued certificates, and run reports. All renewals and new issuance must now be performed in CertCentral.