Validation, discovery, and reporting


As part of your upgrade, you will need to revalidate all organizations and domains. With CertCentral, all validation steps are electronic. No paper forms are required, nor will they be accepted.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Prevalidation: Learn more here.
  • During the order process: Learn more here.


This is a software process that uses small applications (“sensors”) to find all certificates in your environment, regardless of issuing authority. There are two ways to enable discovery: the free DigiCert cloud scan service, or installing the more robust, paid DigiCert Discovery tool.


Create customized reports in CertCentral from the Report library page.

Use our REST-based API and GraphQL to pull a customized report.

Access DigiCert API documentation at, which also includes resources for services, custom reports, discovery and automation APIs.

Note: DigiCert rotates Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICAs) on a 6-month rolling basis. To avoid SSL certificate browser warnings, always use the ICA file that comes with your certificate. Do not pin or use a saved ICA file. DigiCert strongly urges all customers to avoid ICA pinning and hard coding to ensure a secure and agile ecosystem. Learn more here.