What you need to know about account data migration

By now you've received an invitation to move from the Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, or RapidSSL console to your new DigiCert® CertCentral account. If you haven't received your invitation, talk to your account manager or contact us.

When activating your new account, we automatically migrate some data over from your existing account, and you need to migrate or manually add some data yourself.

How does data migration work?

When we migrate data from your existing account, we aren't removing it. Rather, we are copying the information from your existing account and adding it to your new CertCentral account. In other words, data migration takes data from your old account and syncronizes it with your CertCentral account.

Data migration only works one way: old account to CertCentral. We don't migrate data from your CertCentral account to your old account.

For example, when you add a new organization in your old account, we synchronize it to your CertCentral account. Once the organization has been validated, we automatically migrate the organization to your CertCentral account. When you add a new organization in your CertCentral account, we don't synchronize it to your old account, and we never migrate the validated organization to your old account.

What can migrate now?

Validated organizations

In preparation for your upgrade to CertCentral, we automatically migrated your validated organizations over from your current console to your CertCentral account. Additionally, when you add a newly validated organization to your old account, we automatically update that organization in your CertCentral account.

Validated OV and EV domains

Organization-validated (OV) domains and Extended Validation (EV) domains are migrated when you activate your CertCentral account.

See also What you need to know about domain and certificate migration.

Public TLS/SSL certificates

Certificates are not automatically migrated to your new CertCentral account. You import your certificates after you activate and sign in to your new account. All valid TLS/SSL and code signing certificates can be imported.

How do I import my certificates?

Pending certificates cannot be imported. However, if a certificate request is approved and issued in your legacy account, go to CertCentral to import it.

Expired, revoked, and deactivated certificates cannot be imported.

Other certificates

Some Private TLS/SSL, S/Mime, and other types of certificates cannot be migrated at this time. Talk to your account manager or contact us to help move your other valid certificates to your new CertCentral account.

Account contacts

Account contacts, such as administrators, subscribers, and other users, are not transferred to your new CertCentral account. You must manually add them to your CertCentral account yourself.

See Manage users.