Where do I manage payment options?

Who's the default billing contact for my organization?

When you activate your CertCentral account and sign in for the first time, make sure your default billing contact is up-to-date. We carried it from your Symantec/GeoTrust/Thawte account, but double-check to make sure the contact is still the right person. Go to Finances > Settings to check.

Where do I save credit card info?

If you commonly use a credit card as your payment method, go to Finances > Credit Cards to store details for one or more credit cards.

Where do I manage my purchase orders?

If you commonly use purchase orders as your payment method, go to Finances > Purchase Orders to create and manage POs. CertCentral lets you generate POs ahead of orders so your certificate subscribers don't need to worry about payment when ordering certificates.

What other billing features does CertCentral have?

  • For payment, CertCentral also supports direct account fund deposit and periodic billing.
  • For invoicing and reporting, get printable invoices and easy-to-read spending reports.
  • For mid-size and enterprise-level organizations, request quotes for bulk orders and budgeting.

Go to the Finances section of CertCentral or talk to your account manager or other DigiCert representative for more info.