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Export a root CA certificate

When a root CA certificate has been configured during creation to allow you to export its keys (private and public), you can export the certificate using a two-person authentication process.


To export a root CA certificate, you must have these CA Manager permissions:

  • Recover escrow key

  • Manage escrow recovery request

  • View escrow recovery request

  1. In DigiCert ONE, in the Manager menu (top right), select CA.

  2. In Certificate Manager, in the left main menu, go to Manage CAs > Roots.

  3. On the Root Certificate Authorities page, select the root CA certificate.

  4. On the Root certificate authority page, above On this page menu on the right, select More actions (three dots) > Trigger export.

  5. On the Trigger CA export page, in the Select administrator to export CA dropdown, select the account administrator to whom you want to send the certificate.

  6. Select Submit.