Docker: Update a sensor

Before you begin

  • Admin privileges required

Update sensor

  1. Go to the sensor installation directory.

    For example:


  2. Run the docker-compose -f digicert_sensor_docker-compose.yml down command.

  3. In your CertCental account, in the sidebar menu, go to Discovery > Manage Discovery.

  4. On the Manage scans page, click Add sensor.

  5. On the Set up a sensor page, under step 1 Download a discovery sensor in the Docker section, click Download to get the latest digicert_sensor_docker-compose.yml file.

  6. Copy and replace the latest digicert_sensor_docker-compose.yml file in the installation directory (install_dir) with the existing file.

  7. Edit the file to provide the information for the following parameters to configure the sensor.

    • Username
    • Password
    • Division name
    • Sensor name
  8. Run the docker-compose -f digicert_sensor_docker-compose.yml up -d command to pull the latest docker image and start the docker sensor.

What's next

You're ready to set up and run a scan using this sensor. See Set up and run a scan.