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CA Manager is accessible only for on-premises instances of DigiCert ONE.

Contact your DigiCert ONE account manager if you have private CA or other custom CA needs.

Certificate Authority (CA) Manager is where you manage HSMs and configurations for OCSP, AIA, and CRLs. It is also where you find the root and intermediate certificate information for your account. For DigiCert ONE hosted services, we do most of the CA Manager work for you.

To get started, work with your DigiCert account representative to set these things up for your DigiCert ONE platform:

  • Add HSMs and register the partitions

  • Add the domains for OCSP, AIA, and other policies

  • Set defaults for OCSP, CRL, and AIA

  • Create root CA and intermediate CA certificates

As your needs change and grow, your account representative will work with you to make sure CA Manager meets your requirements. They can modify CA-specific configuration, add domains, and create additional roots and intermediate CA certificates for your DigiCert ONE platform as needed.