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Configure an ACME automation agent

After installing and activating an ACME agent on your certificate host, go to CertCentral Automation > Manage automation to configure it.

The Manage automation view lists all of your active ACME agents. From here, you can configure the following for each agent:

  • Automation settings

    Select the agent in the Name column to specify which local applications will have certificates managed by the agent.

  • Software management settings

    Select the agent in the Managed by column to configure management settings for the ACME agent software itself.

Automation settings

Selecting the agent in the Name column opens the automation configuration panel on the right. In this panel:

  • The Configure IP/Port section lists local applications ordered by IP address and TCP port numbers.

    • To automate TLS certificate management on a particular IP and port, select the correct application name and version there.

    • To skip automation for a particular IP and port, set it to Ignore, or do not configure it at all and select the Ignore all not configured IP/Ports option at top.

    • To set up CertCentral managed automation for a custom application, select the Custom option and fill in the required details. To learn more about this, see Set up a custom application for managed automation.

  • To enable Server Name Indication (SNI) for your automated certificates, select Enable SNI and specify the applicable domain names.

  • Select Save to put your configuration changes into effect.

Software management settings

Selecting the agent in the Managed by column opens the agent software management view. From here you can:

  • Use the split action button at top to Suspend (pause) or Void (disable) this agent.

  • Update the custom name assigned to this agent.

  • Update the email address for notifications related to this agent.

  • View the agent software version and license key.

  • Select whether the agent software will get updated automatically (default) or will prompt you before updating.

Under Advanced settings you can:

  • Set the heartbeat communication interval used by this agent to sync with CertCentral.

  • Enable agent debug logging.

What's next?

When your ACME agent is installed, activated, and configured, you can start using it to automate certificate management on the host.