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Set up two-factor authentication for your administrator account

Before you begin

Before setting up two-factor authentication for your administrator account, install the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device.

Set up two-factor authentication

In these instructions, we are using DigiCert ONE credentials and a one-time password. The flow is similar for single sign-on credentials and one-time password.

  1. Open the Update Your Account email and select Update Your Account and follow the instructions to get started.

  2. On the Update password page, create your password and select Submit.

    Password must include eight or more characters with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one symbol.

  3. On your mobile device, open Google Authenticator and add a new account,

  4. On the DigiCert ONE Set up mobile authentication page, use your mobile device to scan the barcode.

    If you want to use a setup key instead of scanning the barcode, under step 2, Set up authentication app, select Get a setup key. In Google Authenticator, enter the setup key.

  5. Select Set up mobile authentication.

  6. On the DigiCert ONE Sign in to your account page, enter your username and password,

  7. Open Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

  8. On the Verify DigiCert ONE sign-in, enter the one-time passcode (OTP) and select Verify.

  9. On the DigiCert ONE Master Services Agreement page, read our DigiCert Services Agreement and Privacy policy.

    The Master Services Agreement only appears for new users. Once they have. agreed to the terms and policy, it will not appear again.

  10. When ready, check I have read and agree to the DigiCert Services Agreement and Privacy policy and select Accept.

  11. Explore and start using DigiCert ONE.