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Trust Lifecycle Manager user roles

Assign one or more roles to a Trust Lifecycle Manager user when you add or update the user.

  • SSP Manager

    Configure the self-service portal.

  • View only

    Read-only access to account data.

  • Infrastructure admin

    View and manage client tools.

  • Reporting admin

    View and manage reports.

  • Manager

    Account setup and some day-to-day activities including inventory management and configuration of certificate profiles, integrations/connectors, admin contact details, and reports.

  • Recovery manager

    Recover escrowed certificates.

  • Import manager

    Import certificates from external CAs.

  • User and certificate manager

    Manage seats, enrollments, certificates, and reports.

  • Certificate profile manager

    Create and manage certificate profiles.

System roles for on-premises administration

For customers with DigiCert ONE installed on-premises, these roles are available for system administration.

  • Technical support

    Read-only access to account data for technical support purposes.

  • Read only

    Read-only access to user and account setup data.

  • TLM admin

    Superadmin responsible for managing Trust Lifecycle Manager users, accounts, and workflows.