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Release comparison and baselines

Compare releases

Comparing releases allows you to confirm that multiple releases have matching code and ensure that no bad actors or software have injected malicious code into your releases.

To compare releases:

  1. Sign in to DigiCert ONE.

  2. Select the Manager menu (top right) > Software Trust.

  3. Navigate to: Releases > Compare releases.

  4. Enter a release alias to easily identify the release comparison.

  5. Select 2 to 6 releases to compare.

  6. Click Compare releases.

The results of your comparison show which of the releases you chose match and which ones do not.


Matched releases include the same number of hashes. Each signed hash must have an identical counterpart in the other releases to match.

You can see why releases did or did not match by selecting Download report and reviewing the report.


Use baselines to ensure future releases match a specific code structure. You can compare future releases to the baseline during the Create release process, and if any code that does not match the baseline makes its way into the release, the release is automatically stopped so you can check it.

Create baseline

After comparing releases, you can create a baseline from one of the matched releases. The minimum number of matched releases required to create a baseline is determined by the admin. Once you meet this minimum number of matched releases, choose one of them as your baseline. Next, select Create baseline to save the chosen release for future use as a baseline. Then, you can use that baseline when you create a release.

You can also opt to Create release from this baseline. When you choose a release as your baseline, you can go directly to the Create release page and begin using that baseline for the release. This also automatically saves the baseline for future use.