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Thales DPoD


Currently DigiCert ONE supports only single-tenant DPoD.

Add a DPoD HSM

  1. Select HSM > Dpod to view the Dpod instance page.

  2. Under the HSM servers section, select Add HSM server. The Add HSM server page will display.

  3. Enter the HSM information:

    • Client nickname (optional)

    • Client secret of your DPod instance

    • Client ID of you DPoD instance

    • URL of the instance

  4. Select Add instance.

    • You'll be returned to the DPoD instance page, with the DPoD instance now appearing in the HSM servers list.

  5. Restart DigiCert ONE to load the partitions. They'll appear upon load.

Register DPoD partitions

  1. Once the partitions are displayed, click Register Partition.

  2. Select the partition.

  3. Enter the password.

  4. Enter a display name.

  5. Select allowed uses.


    If you're testing, add all uses.

  6. Click Register partition.

On the Registered partitions page

If you want the new partition to be the default, select the action menu next to the partition name and select Set as default.